Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great couple of mornings

Monday: Great paddle on the Crawfish river. I did an hour and a half at race pace. Felt really good. The boat felt like it was flying once I got all the gear out of it from the weekend on the Black River.

Tuesday: Another gorgeous day. Paddle the confluence of the Rock and the Crawfish rivers. Ground out an hour up- river and did a series of intervals on the way back to the put in. I started to get a little sloppy with my stroke near the end, so I slowed and got back on track with technique. It was a really good work-out. I really felt like I met my goal today.

I’ll take Wednesday off from paddling and will get back in the boat on Thursday. I’ll do some long hikes with the dog (load my day pack) and walk the hills around the Waterloo River basin Wednesday after work.

I had issues loading up all my Black River pictures from the weekend. I’ll give it another try tonight.

Check out the M340 race website. The field is starting to fill out and there is some good banter on the discussion board.

Mark said our new Kruger Cruiser is almost finished… He and Jack C. will be doing a 100 miler in it in a couple weeks to break it in. I plan on doing a 90 miler + on June 2nd down the Wisconsin River scouting the Hardcore Adventure Camp route.

Mark shared with me some notes that he had taken while discussing long distance expedition paddle training with Verlen.

I'd share them with you, but I need all the advantages I can get!! Here is a quote that will give you a hint of what Verlen suggests. :-)

Time to hurt a little - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

Just a little hurt, boys. Keep up the training!