Friday, March 23, 2007

Smooth paddling

Last couple of days, I've been paddling on the Crawfish river "right" after work. Literally 6 minutes after I leave my office, I am on the water heading to the wonderment of the Aztalan settlement on the the banks of the Crawfish.

The Crawfish River rises in Columbia County and initially flows generally eastwardly in a broadly meandering course, collecting the North Fork Crawfish River (which also rises in Columbia County and passes through the village of Fall River) and passing the city of Columbus. In Dodge County the river turns southward and collects two tributaries, the Maunesha River and the Beaver Dam River, before entering Jefferson County, where it joins the Rock River at the city of Jefferson. Aztalan State Park is located along the river in Jefferson County at the site of a 10th - 13th Century Native American settlement.

Wednesday- It was me against the weather. Huge thunderstorms rolling through, high winds, hail and pelting rain. Fortunately for me I won out ( this time) as there was a significant break before the next storm cell rolled in. I was able to get in a good late afternoon paddle.

Thursday - More Crawfish River paddling. Glass like conditions, paddled in a light jacket, the sun was burning bright. Beautiful out! Spring has arrived!

Friday - Selling Sevylors!! "YES"!! We have a buyer for 5 Sevylors! Now I can pay for the Birthday extravaganza weekend and the new GPS I just bought!!

Easy come easy go... I go where the river flows - The Capt'n

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