Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oconomowoc River and Fowler Lake

Outstanding day! Spring has arrived!! Blossoms appearing on the river!! It's in the mid 70's right now!! If you are viewing this from the mid-west; you know what I'm talking about! Spent a couple hours on the Oconomowoc river and Fowler Lake this morning.

Paddled the Bell Yellowstone, poking around the shoreline of Fowler Lake and the Oconomowoc River.

Much slower then yesterday's blast in the Sea Wind. A completely different paddling experience.

No Carbon paddles today... going old school; the elegance and the feel of wood. I love down river paddling with an otter tail.

Put in on the Oconomowoc river and headed out to the lake before heading up stream. Hoping to beat the wind. Very glassy now, but wind to switch out of the southwest, gusting to 35mph.

Spent many a day by this bridge as a kid. Brings back lots of memories, big game fishing for the elusive monster carp.

It's no Snake Island (WaterTibers will get it), but an island non-the less

Here's the deal on these two girls. Mom and Dad are a sleep or not home, cause it is 40 degrees during this picture and they are barefoot and no jackets swinging over 34 degree water at 8:00am. They sure were having fun! I think they'll be paying dearly later for it.

Paddled into the marsh grass as the Oconomowoc river was pretty swollen. This is a great little section of river.

Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe - Bumper Sticker

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