Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is what I am talking about

People always ask me why did you move back to Wisconsin, having lived in Hawaii and on the West Coast for 10+ years?

For days like this. High 30's Sun shining bright - no wind. Gorgeous out, I was toying with turning the A/C on.

The last couple of weeks have been brutally cold with temps. dipping in the negatives. But a day like today makes it all worth it. Had some time to kill this afternoon, so did a little river scouting.

The Rock and Crawfish Rivers are iced over, but the Bark and Oconomowoc Rivers around Dousman and Oconomowoc are starting to open. If the weather holds, there will be a couple of hours of open water on the Bark by this weekend. Extended forecast shows mild temps. but some rain for the weekend.

Here are a couple of pictures looking down the Bark River near Dousman Wisconsin

Nature and wisdom never are at strife -Plutarch

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

You seem to have no end of Rivers where you are.