Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Preable to the Sawtooth Challenge


As a preamble to the Sawtooth Challenge, Sandy and I drove up and over through the UP of Michigan; here is our crossing with the cruiser on the roof of the hoopty jeep and the Mackinaw Bridge in the distance. Yes there is an extreme fracture in the windshield, that story another time.

As we pull into Mackinaw for a little sight seeing, there is a Mackinaw work-boat on display at a local establishment; this was beauty, fully functional sailing work-boat; me likey. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it on top of the hoopty if not for already having the cruiser on there.

We did our fair share of window shopping, I figured I saved myself about $500.00 not buying swords, Tilleys, new boots and a cool jacket.  I did breakdown and by a sampling of Mackinaw fudge; everyone has a weakness.

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