Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still Packing....

Somewhere between the absurd and necessity we find ourselves bringing everything but the flat screen; I must confess, Marissa has 2 bags and well.... the rest is mine, well ours for all the creature comforts. I like to think of it as an extended camping resort picnic.

All of that has to fit into this; we'll be fine unless I have to do a two haul carry to the island we are staying on and then I wont hear the end of it. Hopefully a few of the boys and gals from the WaterTribe will venture out to see us; indulging in cocktail and mirth.
Marissa has clearly stated her goal is to get tan; a quick check of the weather, next week is looking pretty good. So we are off on another Spring Break Adventure, SPOT will be activiated which can be seen top right of this page.
ETA to Florida - Saturday 4-7-12

The Capt'n

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