Saturday, April 28, 2012

Emotional stir - part 4

We push late into the night; zip though Chattanooga and end up just south of Nashville. Persuaded by over cautious truckers and a steady rain , the pack of vehicles in which I was running, pull into a rest area. We are road warriors we are bathroom seekers, we are done for the night.

Marissa has been asleep for hours, the motion of our travel soothes. The rain on the windshield amplifies; car camping pillow and blankie at the ready ~ out cold like a clubbed seal.

We wake to a great day, clearing skies and warm temps follow.  We push deep into Chicago-land, get turned around with road construction; pay a college tuition in tolls to get the **** out of there, turning north for Wisconsin.

We are home, mindset intact, we are still in vacation mode; It takes me a week to fully clear out all the gear; somehow keeping it in the jeep made the adventure linger a little bit longer.  Just in time too, as the Ipod player takes a dump and we lose tunes.

In a finite world, what comes around, goes around; so we're right back where we started... or are we?

The End

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