Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I hear banjo music and bells

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The Santa Fe River is a 75-mile river in northern Florida. There is a convenient Outpost to do shuttles and stock supplies; this is a perfect river for my re-entry into paddle sport since being down and out with a ventral hernia repair.

The Santa Fe is one crazy river, in that it completely disappears, drops into a large sinkhole in O' Leno State Park and magically reappears 3 miles down stream in the River Rise Preserve State Park. Glad they are putting in south of that.

There have been black bear, panthers, bobcats , manatees, whales (Bill) and even a Toby or two sighted in them there parts.

Southern Boys ( Stan, Toby, Bill, Doug, Jeff ) are pulling together a river trip on the Santa Fe. I put some feelers out to see if I could invite myself along; nobody called foul so I may just mosey on down and get a little more of the Southern experience... (21 hour 1150 mile drive one way)

Toby, I just finished off the last of the Beverly's Southern Pecan Pie ~ It was the bomb!!

Looking further into the trip I came across this:

Canoe Outpost is dog friendly. However, the majority of public and private springs do not allow dogs. (this is not good for the Capt'n) Lily Springs allows dogs but requires them to be on a leash at all times. This is a concern for me as I love paddling with Koa; leaving her behind, more to think about.

The Capt'n


Danny said...


Sounds like a fun trip. Alot of the state parks are adopting the no dogs allowed. I do not agree with it. Hope you all have fun. BTW that Pecan Pie looked delicious!


sandy said...

Where ever the wind takes You, Enjoy!!! WooHoo!!!