Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back on the water

Good weather brought on an opportunity to get out and do some paddling; Headed out on the Oconomowoc River, felt good after 6 weeks of recovery. What a great day. This picture is right before Koa rolled in something; I have a dog why?

Tucked in on a small river is a great choice when the wind is blowing; I picked the right river as the wind was never an issue.

Today was a day that I re-booted an old Garmin 12 GPS; some how I have mis-placed my Lowrance H2O GPS and my Fugi waterproof camera. So I set waypoints as I went up the river formatting a route. I then turned around and with out looking up made my way back just following the GPS. It worked well on big sections of the river but was dicey on tight sections where it was really twisty.

When I got off the river, I decided to take the Sea Wind out on Rock Lake for what might be the last paddle on the Lake for me before the ice comes in. We'll see, I plan on doing some paddling next week over the long holiday weekend, most likely stay local, I don't think we will have ice that quickly.

Need to pick your paddling outdoor destinations carefully next couple of weeks, as there will be plenty of hunters in the woods with shiny new bullets.

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