Sunday, October 23, 2011

day 7

Surprise surprise, Beverley make the trek over from Michigan to do the meet and great / shuttle at Wyalusing. ~ Mystery exposed!!

Our journey back took us to some outstanding dining at "why did we stop here here" Wisconsin's finest and brightest restaurant.

The trip took its toll on a couple of participants; the homemade southern pecan pie and carrot cake took a major hit when returning to Casa Weber's; It was "exitous fastous" as gear was sorted and the boys headed back to Michigan. Mike D stayed back to give company to Beverly and will leave on Sunday, Paula will stay through Sunday as well.

Stand by as everyone sorts through their pictures and stories, there should be some classics for sure!

Big shout out to Rick and Bonnie who put on a great arrival party and even allowed Michigan to beat Wisconsin in what was an outstanding football game.

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sandy said...

Wow, and the girl from Eagle, just vanished? ;)