Tuesday, October 18, 2011

day 3

Here is an overview of the wind and velocity for today; almost in the thick of it, keep it moving if you can!

Cold air dropping in, gonna be in the 40's today; brisk to say the least when it has been in the high 50's.

Then the rain comes, just to add a little heartache to the drama of wind and cold; I still want to be out there. If it gets really crappy they may lay over in Muscuda with all the amenities a Wisconsin town can bring.

click to enlarge

Chance for replenishing ice cream and coffee; opportunity to restock if necessary. It's nice they will be doing this section during the day and will be camping in a more remote area tonight as long as they keep moving forward. This is the section where hwy 60 is the closest to the river and sometimes you get road noise. Nothing like the Missouri River where you have a train go by every 15 minutes.

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