Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Reunion


Highlight Reel

  1. Checkerboard sweet corn - lots of corn; brat burgers and wieners; coleslaw and barley pops.
  2. Outstanding time with family and friends - lots of corn.
  3. Adrift on Lac La Belle - cousin Dave broke the boat and we wont let him forget it.
  4. Dogs, lots of dogs - Skipper, Elle, Biscuit, Teddy, Ralph, Koa - lots of corn.
  5. Sailboats, watching the Saturday C scow series race.
  6. A stroll down the cobbled walkway of memory lane.
  7. Kids, kids and more kids; friends showed up from the lake we have not seen in years.
  8. Perfect weather, I mean down right picturesque.
  9. Corn, did I mention sweet corn dripping in real butter.
  10. And the top reunion highlight - You could feel the love; I mean the real deal, the stuff that holds families together through thick and thin.

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Silbs said...

Word. Lucky man.