Monday, June 6, 2011

"Sweet Judy"...

Proposed route in lieu of high water on the Missouri River.

The Kansas River (known locally as the Kaw) begins at the confluence of the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers near Junction City. It flows 173 miles to Kansas City where it joins the Missouri River.

The Kaw watershed drains almost the entire northern half of Kansas and part of Nebraska and Colorado (53,000 square miles). It is the world's longest prairie river.

The change in venues is a logistical challenge for Boo and I as we were going unsupported on the Missouri River - The Kaw posses some other challenges too; possibly 4 portages, the finish is farther away adding another day of travel to the adventure; and the "I know absolutely nothing about the Kaw" has me twitching a bit.

Darin who is paddling across America for obesity has found refuge and work in the Tetons as he waits for the water to subside. RV camping on the Yellowstone River, your dog and work to boot, sound pretty nice to me.

The Capt'n

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