Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday's Paddle

A great day for Wisconsin; took awhile for the haze and dampness to burn off but it ended up being sunny and in the high 60's. We took the opportunity to get out on one of Wisconsin's great sailing lakes, Lake Mendota.
Paddle sailing the bluffs, we work our way off the wind, John catches this photo of me as I zoom a head.. . (inside joke) John with his Balogh 38 and me with the HP 36.
A shot of John as we head to the bluffs, duffing it, sailing in comfort; I'd like to thank John for his array of tools in his truck. I had changed out the lee board clutch and ran into the holes being off by a smidgen; We looked for a bigger hammer, but the vise grip sufficed.
Steve in his Adventure Island joined us; he gets honorable mention showing up 3 hours late; Fred gets an F for not showing at all. I really wanted to see the performance of his sailing Klepper. Tisk Tisk Freddie...

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