Monday, March 14, 2011

Scamp aground

Unless you have been living under a sail cover you probably know that the Everglades Challenge was run this past week. Tough tough event this year as weather and drama unfolded.
Still in the spot light are the adventures of Krunch and WoodCutter; their mico-cruiser is litterly stuck in the mud.
StoryTeller (Jackie Monies) gives us the latest update:

All our thanks to Esther/WhirlWind and Wayne/MosquitoMagnet for all their hard work and the local knowledge it took to extract Krunch and WoodCutter from the mudflat.

We could not have done so without their help and the assistance they obtained from the park rangers. It is most appreciated and God sent, the answer to prayer.

While the two were not in eminent danger, they were running out of food and water and certainly needed a shower and lots of soap to get the mud off.

Scamp is still out there and we will work next on getting the boat free and back to Flamingo or Key Largo with some more local help. Andrew needs to get on plane back to Oregon and Mike and I will stay here in Florida City near the Flamingo Park until we get Scamp out and headed home.

Thanks to all for the good wishes, advice and prayer. It was so heartwarming and kept me going.

Fingers crossed that the retrieve the boat with out further incident. This is a boat that we followed quite closely during the EC as it is a micro cruiser you can build yourself from a kit; The kits are offered at Duckworks

The Capt'n

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