Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Wisconsin River

Glass like conditions always inspire more trips to the Wisconsin River; here's a shot of me in the Sawyer Summersong cruising the shoreline with bluffs as a back drop. Last night was wing night at Crawfish Junction, lots of talk of trips and adventure.
Koa (paddling pup) sat this trip out as the water is ice cold and I don't have a life jacket for her. I would hate to lose her overboard as she leaps to glory chasing something across the water.
Spent a significant amount of time trying to get the garage door open so we can get the Sea Wind out for Canoecopia this weekend. All the ice is chipped away and I got a pry beneath it so with the muscle of Boo, Manitou, and Jack we should be able to set her free. (My Sea Wind will be on display to showcase Kruger Canoes and Balogh Sail Designs.
The Capt'n

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