Saturday, March 19, 2011

Man un-supervised

The Goal is to get the Cruiser out of the garage for our pending rubber tramping trip South. Large canoe doesn't fit through small opening when there are boats stacked all around.
The dilemma is that the high tension spring on the garage door let loose; it takes a whole lot love to coax the door up, it weighs a lot; I give you man un-supervised.
When in doubt rig up a bunch of line and pulleys; now I could break out the graphs, do a PowerPoint to show you what I am about to do here, but wait...
Lets add a little horsepower to this project, lets throw caution to the wind, lets give it a how bout and a what for!!
Things are looking good; confidence is building, but where is the drama the intrigue. Wait for it...
.For a video of the carnage, click here


kroo said...

Visions of Home Improvement with Tim Allen come to mind;-)

sandy said...

sooooo, How did it turn out? I must say I am very impressed by the ingenuity here!! And damn cute on top of it!!