Friday, February 25, 2011

Enjoy the little things

As I attempt to sort out the chaos which is Madison WI; I enjoy the little things, like hanging at the Rock River Canoe Company. Here we have just pulled this tiny 10' rowboat off the forms. I was pretty excited cause they actually let me help; normally I am not allowed around power tools, hand tools or projects of any kind, yes I am cursed, ( The Boyscout birdhouse fiasco of '67 is a prime example.) I digress...
Anyway, standing around and being a nuisance sometimes works to everybody's benefit; There is a half built 17' prospector still on the forms that has not been completed by it's builder. The canoe project has been sitting idle for some time. No No don't get a head of yourself I am not taking over the project, please; but I did put the shop and the current owner in touch with someone who is seriously interested in taking the project over; my finders fee has yet to be established.
Though when I did leave the shop, everyone was smiling; Ah... "Enjoy the little things."
The Capt'n

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