Monday, September 13, 2010

Dog Days of Fummer

Fall is definitely knocking at the front door as summer exits quietly out the back; ah the Dog Days of Fummer. Great weather brought about a great day to be out on the water. Hugging the windward shore I paddled the reed grass while Marissa pounded out home work.
Great day to be out on Rock Lake as CRAW (Catamaran Racing Assoc. of Wisc.) was out holding their annual Fummer regatta. Light to moderate winds pushed them around the course; I think they will take it; past years the weather was horrid.
Close to 20 boats on the line; here the lead boats battled it out in spotty gusts. The lead changed hands often; if you were in a lull and others in the wind you might as well have dropped anchor and had a cold one. Conditions allowed boat to make up 600 yards in a single leg.

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