Saturday, September 11, 2010

BOSS part 1

Marissa (Boo) and I moved the Cruiser, tools and Balogh BOSS to the workshop at the Rock River Canoe Company. These wood working craftsman canoe / boat builders were quite taken by the Cruiser. I wasn't shunned to the basement, it just happens to be the building station that was open at the time.
So after moving everything, we began to unpack the yummy goodness of the Balogh. Our goal today was to determine where the mast base (cup) would be situated. After playing with Etch's Cruiser Balogh set up I pretty much new where everything should go.
Our plan will move the rig forward by 8"; just forward of the portage yolk. This puts the center of effort of the sail more a midships. The new Balogh designed sail has a longer foot and has a shorter luff then it's predecessor.
The blocks of wood on the rim are there to gauge (space) the distance between the rim with spray skirt on and the center section of the Aka. The mast cup is a bit robust and sits pretty high, at first I though about replacing it with something shorter, I thought it might get in the way when sleeping in the boat, but further thought on it, I'll go with it.

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Silbs said...

I will be interested to see how she does with the mast in the center. It will be like my sailboat which was a cutter and have a balanced rig. Should be sweet.