Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Boo and I have been using the BOSS system and Kruger Cruiser combination for a few years now; always at the grace of Stan who has let us use his equipment; shuttle us all over Florida and opened his heart and home when we are down there; Dana too!
Been toying with a variety of sail configurations for our Kruger Cruiser "Big Medicine ll" ; just can't come up with anything better, simplicity, compatibility and function are bar none the best I've seen. There are some new designs being developed which look promising, but it is funny how one goes with what one knows; guess I'm not so adventurous after all. We are going with the tried and true.

So I threw down some coin and ordered the new Balogh BOSS System with all the trimmings; heck I'm featured on the Balogh website, I better own one, right? So the order is in the coin has been spent.
Now, North Carolina Challenge or the rescheduled MR 340? Or paddle sailing with the boys from rendezvous? Ah the choices we make...
The Capt'n


SandyBottom said...

Alan (SOS) says he's doing the 2011UFC with me as a double team. Not sure what we'll use, have considered a Cruiser, but he wants lots of sail power (not alot of paddling).

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

wow... that would be the first tandem team; all have been solo. the buzz of the ufc - makes 2011 a must for some WT event.