Monday, May 24, 2010

Dawg days of summer

I think every kid should have a dog. Add in the access to a river and a ball and they can entertain themselves for hours, or till they want ice cream.
We got the pram out and took it for a sail on Sunday. Steady warm breeze, outstanding day on the water. We are able to launch from the beach park, no long lines for us. Boaters were all jammed up at the launch waiting their turn to get in. Another reason to go small boat!

Boo and I both crammed in the pram and had a good sail around Rock Lake. Koa was land locked, no room for dogs on this voyage.
When Boo was steering and I was up front we were taking waves over the bow. The warm air made the water feel all that much cooler. A dousing! That'll wake you up in the morning!

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Silbs said...

Love the sail boat.