Monday, April 12, 2010

Lake Country Paddle

The kids just returned from a week in California with their Nana and Papa, cruising Monterey and San Fransisco Bay area. They were beat. Boo slept into noon on Saturday which is unheard of; normally a early riser.
Gave me a chance to work on outfitting of the QCC Canoe. Bow and stern lines, and a mounting system for the PAS sail. Some decals and reflective tape.
I had not paddled the QCC. Boo has been monopolizing its usage; but as she slept a great paddle morning away, I took it out for a spin. Here are my thoughts.
At 16'10" and 23" wide, it's a good candidate for a single blader like myself. The rudder is crucial to efficiency under one blade.
Plenty of room for gear and such. The extra large hatches and no bulkheads (my request at the build) was a good move for the type of paddling we do.
The issue still; is the seat. I had it built with out seat stays or seat installed. My idea of a removable seat for Boo to lay down ended up being not the best move thus far. Can't get the comfort level to were we want it. SandyBottom sent a link for a seat that she liked (Gotta find the link); Went to a local kayak shop to see a closed cell seat - they didn't have any. Forget about me laying down in it.

Boo and I got out Sunday; we planned on a Rock River paddle near Kanow Park but the park was closed do to early spring flooding. We went over to Lower Nemhabin put in off of Sugar Island road and paddled up to Upper Nashotah lake. There is a cut that allows you to connect all the lakes not shown on this map. This is a great area to paddle as no wake is enforced on Sunday's so limited motorized boat traffic. A handful of rec paddlers early on but as we made our way north pretty much had the lakes to ourselves. Perfect weather to boot!

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SandyBottom said...

the seat I bought is at

Not cheap, but good quality.