Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We're Back...

What an amazing 5 days! The WaterTribe exceeded our expectations once again. It was tough getting back on the plane with the FC and EC still underway.

Marissa (Boo) was giving me the business for two days about continuing on. We ended catching Mark (Manitou) on the outside in high wind and surf like conditions; he offered to go down with us to Key Largo as we only had charts to Grand Tours. But in the end, we stuck to our plan and returned home. Dogs school work and the world were waiting.

The lead up to these events, the time on the beach socializing and looking at all the different crafts is truly amazing. So many home builds this year, from the simplistic to the complex extreme. I'll post more pics later

Not that we were keeping score or were really racing, but we did end up 3rd over all in the UM to CP 1; 14 hours and some change, which ain't to shabby.

There were a few capsizes the first day and repairs the second. Spent about 4 hours repairing Snore's Balogh rig that blew apart after getting tossed around like a fruit salad in the surf. Snore was totally spent after being awake for 24 hours +. Hats off for him getting back in the boat and pushing on to make up lost time.

I'll be over on the KCA blog updating the Kruger Boys and Toby as they make there way around Florida; swing on by to see how its done. The leaders are already in Key Largo.

Like Chief said, these events will change your life.

The Capt'n

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