Monday, March 29, 2010

Oconomowoc river 2010

Off for a day paddle on the Oconomowoc river; I've reported on many times, but sharing this childhood (fav.) river with the kids is a time warp to the past. Boo loves to hear the same stories over and over again, or at least I think she does.
.The QCC Canoe really seems to be a good choice for Boo. We got into some exposed areas and she was able to hold a good line and push through the wind swept areas with ease.
Boo is quick too! Bar having parental boasting syndrome, she is fast. It really makes for some fun paddling. On a sprint of 100 yards I barely edged her out. Seriously.
She is such a kid, having her own boat she is off in the cattails exploring, no fear no worries. The water is pretty cold low 40's and shes rocking from side to side getting a feel for stability or just goofing off, it's a mystery.
Now we have 4 expedition boats, which gives everyone a great boat to paddle if we go tripping. The Azul Expedition Kayak, The Sea Wind, The QCC 500, and the Kruger Cruiser tandem. I hope I can get Emily back in a boat for an adventure this summer before she goes to college next Fall. It would be great to do a big family camp canoe trip this summer.
Emily just got back from two days of camping and caving up in Richland Center. Can't wait to see the pics.

An over the shoulder action pic; yeah that's Boo with her tongue out, such the comedian! - The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

Dad and daughter spending quality time together. It just doesn't ever get better. What wonderful memories are being formed.