Friday, February 12, 2010

Thought I'd Share

As much as people like to complain about the weather, the cold and the disposition of Mother Nature mid February in Wisconsin; It's days like these walking through the woods that inspire.
Walking has become a favorite pass time of mine, simplistic, really no gear needed but some good footwear. The snow adds resistance so the blood gets flowing; You're on the move so you're pretty warm.

Besides being a great canoe camp partner; Koa is a great walking companion. She's a free spirit, no lead or collar, simply put, hates them. She is very attentive to commands, stays close... loves to romp in the snow. "Now where the hell did she go...."

Thought I'd share that it's not all beer and brats redneck haven up here in the Northwoods. All outdoor enthusiasts share the resources. -

Sure you get your random shooting of a human during the deer hunt, and a couple of trucks go through the ice every year, the occasional snowmobile goes out of control, flys through a living room window now and then; that just sass. It's not like we had any *crazy laws on the books:

*State Law made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese. -The Capt'n

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