Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comments anyone?

As SandyBottom pointed out to me yesterday, they do get some cold water paddling down in North Carolina. (Surly you jest my fair weather paddler) I tend to give those farther south a bit of a ribbing with the balmy conditions they set out in.


I was directed to KiwiBird's Blog where I was treated to some great pics and a bit of skim ice. My thought was, and me without any lime vodka or a tumbler. That's not ice, swing over to Silbs for a edgamacation on ice. But I must say those kayaks do look ready for adventure, some great pics!


So as usual I really don't have much to say, just more chatter and re-directs to sites with real content. But when I get a handful of e-mails checking in to see if I am OK cause I haven't written anything in a while; Well maybe we could chat a bit.


Feel free to post in the comment section of this post clarifying your topic of choice.


Here is a list of things I wont talk about: (In no particular order)


1. Women

2. Conan Leno Fiasco

3. Women

4. Politics - unless you really want to be punished and educated on the two party system.

5. Women

6. Establishment of spermatogenesis in neonatal bovine testicular tissue

7. Women

Otherwise, lets talk or dance; what's your pleasure - The Capt'n

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Waimanu said...

Brian ...was going to drop by for a chat but only had odd numbers in mind! ...see you later
Bill / Waimanu