Monday, January 25, 2010

All most..

Here is a shot of the QCC all most ready to go. Still need to put on the attachment points for the PAS sail. Install an under deck bag, bungies and square away the seat system.
SandyBottom has sent me in the right direction with a foam tractor seat configuration. Which is probably how I'll go in the end. I do have a back band and pad out of the sevylors, but I think the back band will be too high and wont accommodate a spray skirt.
I am very happy with my decision not to go with the standard seat that QCC has and the Kruger seat is a tad robust.
With all the excitement of the new addition, I was tempted to take it out for a spin. But locally the Rock River didn't favor a paddle. Lakes around here are chocked with enough ice, there are ice shanties and trucks on the lake. We have about 18" of ice.

QCC went with an exterior bonding strip similar to the Kruger. The Azul has a fiberglass mat strip on the outside. The strip breaks up the deck and hull nicely and has a very clean look.
Another shot of open water... I like that the snowmobile tracks lead right into it.
Here's a shot of the bow showing off the rocker. If the weather holds (been in the 40's) it won't be long and we'll have some real open water! Mark will be here later in the week, maybe we can get out for a paddle!
The Capt'n


Silbs said...

Neat...enjoy it and paddle safe...

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

Hey Silbs, your paddles of late and pictures have been stunning!! I'll try to seek you out for a visit at Canoecopoia! Paddle paddle!!