Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twenty Beaches Surfski Classic

The start is cool and the ability to catch the smallest of swells is inspiring. High cadence appears to be the name of the game, good core rotation. A real selling point to have an under the hull rudder system.

A lot like watching paint dry or grass grow unless you get it. Watching the pros, a lot to learn from this video - The Capt'n


Rambo said...

No Core rotation ??? I pretty sure the 4 Olympic K1 paddlers featured in the video have plenty of core rotation Captn, else their coaches would be right on to that.

Cheers Rambo

SandyBottom said...

Great video. I'm seeing alot of rotation among the paddlers. There's no way they can get the speeds they do without it, regarless of cadence. I'm with Rambo on this one.

Rambo said...

The "name of the Game " Captn is to use the ocean runs to maximize speed and thus win the race, the high cadence is necessary because of the speeds they are paddling at and to "catch the runs"... no time to watch grass grow or paint dry when there's Ten Grand prize money up for grabs.

I need a Jetski just to keep up filming them.

Cheers Rambo

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

well i guess over rotate, no wonder i am slow. My post wasn't a dig, i was just observing their technique. Never been on a surfski.