Thursday, December 24, 2009

Battle of the workshops

The challenge is on between SandyBottom and The Capt'n as we go head to head with our kit boats.
SandyBottom hit it hard with Paul and set up their downstairs as a workshop. The Capt'n followed suit hit it hard with Jack and set up shop as well in the kitchen.
The Capt'n is going old school with the basics... only thing missing is paper clips and string; Looks like SandyBottom has a slight lead.
See it unfold at:
It's a Parody; here's your sign - The Capt'n


SandyBottom said...

That Jack looks pretty inviting. It's a tool we're missing in our shop.

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

The butterfly method of construction looks outstanding. It pays to have the right tools!!