Thursday, November 12, 2009

SandyBottom Speaks

Man there is a lot of adventure happening. I can barely pull myself away from the computer for possibly missing an update; the sheer excitement of it all. For an armchair skipper; It's an edgamacation - slang term for being schooled - north woods yacht club.

SandyBottom tells the tale on two fronts - Friends of Eye of the World - click here and her own adventures at - click here Yeah she's one of those smarty pants fun loving persona's... now her work is getting published.... I once took third in a belly button lint rolling contest.

She is going to have her hands full tracking these characters across the globe... The miss adventures of Alan and company. It appears they already ran aground... nothing serious, into the sand. The adventure is on.

If the weather holds, its block and tackle for the garage door, an engineering marvel ; The boats must be set free!! - The Capt'n

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