Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out with the old and in with the...

Wasp nest over hanging the Rock River. Very active indeed. Marissa was not to keen on getting close to get a picture. We tried to get Jim to take it home and hang it in his living room. :-)

Out with the old and in with the not so aesthetic new. I'm into bridges that are old and have character, not sure why their cool, but I like them. Must be the craftsmanship.
There is a great DNR launch on the far side for fisherman and boating enthusiasts. This launch puts you on the exclusive Oconomowoc Lake. Oconomowoc was known as the Newport of the Midwest.
The premiere of the Wizard of OZ was here at the Strand Theater, Mark Twain spent many a day at the Pine Terrace Estate and also had quite an influence on me as a young lad. My Mom and Dad got me out on the water, Twain gave it a sense of adventure.
I fancy my self a riverboat captain - The Capt'n

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