Thursday, September 24, 2009

All these challenges...

Photo by Greg Stamer

“The Race Around Australia Expedition” - Freya Hoffmeister

Expected to take her roughly one year, the 9,400 mile (15.000 km) journey around the southern continent is considered one of, if not the, most challenging trip in the world of sea kayaking.

While there have been dozens of attempts, if Freya makes it, she’ll become the first woman to complete the journey and only the second person since Paul Caffyn, her friend and mentor from the NZ trip, did it 27 years ago.

Kinda makes my Wednesday night adventure on Token Creek in the fleeting daylight look a tad boring. Though I did come across a couple of duck hunters who were hunting in a restricted area. They backed off when they saw I was paddling with Koa the wonder dog.
All these challenges going on; where's the remote? Survivor Samoa is on tonight - The Capt'n

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