Monday, July 20, 2009

Muscle Beach

"Welcome to the gun show"

After a morning of pressing the flesh with the press, (giving interviews on their up-coming paddle on the Missouri); Marissa and Hannah put in a four hour training sesh on an undisclosed lake in Illinois. (Super-double top secret location, don't need any boys creeping into the picture and screwing up the Dad's plans for trouble free teen years).

Gear is being sorted, transportation being arranged and the fun meter has been set for high. Mark is putting on the finishing touches to Big Medicine ll ( Kruger Cruiser Canoe) for the girls. We're almost good to go!

Tomorrow a TV news crew is putting together a segment for the local news. We're keeping our fingers crossed that CNN will pick-up on it so their quest to raise awareness around breast cancer will go national.

Team Kruger Canoes / RP Lumber - Race to Heal

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Silbs said...

The girls did great, and the story made the Milwaukee paper on 3 days.