Monday, July 6, 2009


If you want to see what all the hub bub is all about, Scott from the MR340 is breaking down the event in a series of dispatches; Check out the MR340 forum for the latest.

Got out for a couple hours yesterday with the girls. Boo paddled bow, Emily duff and I was in the stern. We hooked up with friends and paddled Fowler Lake and the Oconomowoc River, stopped for lunch socialized and just enjoyed the last day of the weekend.

I had my list of needs for the MR340 with me, so after paddling we stopped by the local outdoor store and picked up new hoses and bite valves for our hydration systems and a 20 pack of tube socks for cooling ourselves on the river. (you stuff the socks with ice, zip tie the opened end and drape around your neck for a cooling effect) I suffered on the Missouri last year, not again. We'll have a support crew this year, so all the comforts of home.

Not sure where the weekend went, but its back to the grindstone - The Capt'n

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