Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Ultimate Adventure Craft - The Canoe

Who is this masked man? Hard to recognize him without a paddle in his hand. It's Mark P. Manitou Cruiser as he gets ready to spray the gel coat for our new Kruger Cruiser Canoe.

Mark pre-cuts all the cloth and lays them out in secession. He has patterns for each layer which is so precise, that after 6 years of building canoes, there isn't enough material left to make a hat.

Rolling out the resin, getting good saturation, Mark squeegees the bow section. I called Mark numerous times this week, making sure he was feeling good and getting enough sleep before he started laying up the boat. He no longer takes my calls. :-)

Actually we're pretty excited about this boat, "BIG MEDICINE II" It will be the cruiser that Hannah and Marissa will be paddling in the MR 340.

The name is from a comment that Jack Cramer made will paddling with Mark one day. He said after a long week of work and having the need to wash the city off; That getting out and paddling a Cruiser, is "Big Medicine" So we named the sister ship to Mark's Cruiser, Big Medicine II.

The Cruiser is in the far side of the shop, still in the mold curing, the next mold over is the deck mold which will be bonded to the hull. In the fore front looks to be a very expensive work station, a Kruger Sea Wind being trimmed out. More to follow...

Stay tuned... - The Capt'n

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