Thursday, March 26, 2009

To the victors go the spoils

Well there you have it. Du-pt by Olga, Ron and Gala (Ron's pup). They are the first around Rock Lake 2009. This is what we lake paddlers call a golden moment. (you have to hug the shore and go all the way around or it doesn't count) - bragging rights down at the Blue Moon.

It was by shear chance that I caught them out there on this beautiful spring day. "Out of all the gin joints they paddle into mine!" This is why retirement is so sweet and what working for the airlines will do for you. Lots of expendable time to play and frolic.
I did take honorable mention with my early season shore paddle on Sunday... but the rules are the rules, To the victors go the spoils.
- Hey my SPOT just arrived - The Capt'n

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