Friday, March 13, 2009

Playing with the options

As we venture out into the world with paddle in hand, options to share our adventures abound. With a mobile devise like a wireless phone you can up-load pictures and text on the go.

I got the text thing down, but up-loading video and pictures seem to be a mystery to me on Blogger. It keeps coming up. your not registered... But I am. "???"

Now the tests conducted on FaceBook have proven successful as I have been able to put up video etc... Now to figure out the world of Blogger/Video/Pic on the go.

Super Boo and Hannah reunite for Canoecopia, it would be nice to upload pics video on the go straight from my mobile devices... as my laptop has taken a hit and trying to up load images to and from a ten year old desktop has proven not to be the best option.

The Capt'n maybe forced to go to me Ship's log of old- "Arrr Maitie this is the Capt'n, Me needs a parlay with Blogger to resolve me's issues with uploading pics on the go...a arrr "

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