Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's that time...

Well it's that time of year when I really start pondering the possibilities. So much adventure to be had.

Kruger Canoes has posted more information on the Bushwhacker 2009 and the Ultimate Hugh Heward 2009 on the Verlen Kruger Memorial site. Canoecopia is this weekend and surprisingly enough the Paddlin' Shop has sent me a little post card letting me know my new boat is waiting at their shop for me.

Yeah, Yeah, John and company know I budget for a new boat or gear each year, but did they have to make it so obvious by sending me a personalized card? :-)

There is quite a list of female presenters this year at Canoecopia. If I am reading it correctly though there is no mention of it in her bio but, I think Valerie Fons author of "Keep it Moving Baja by Canoe" is presenting? Valerie paddled with Verlen Kruger during a portion of his 28,000 mile canoeing odyssey around the North American Continent. Very interesting indeed.

The Everglades Challenge is coming to a close, but don't stop watching the action. For the next week or so the participants will be posting of their adventures and sharing stories.

Oh and I have been bumped to a 1990's Dell Dimension Desktop computer as my laptop took a dump on me. There is a whole lot of bumping and grinding going on as Windows 98 loads up. We're talking measurable seismic activity.

When using heavy equipment please wear proper safety gear and keep your hands away from the moving parts - The Capt'n

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