Tuesday, March 17, 2009


With Boo's passion for paddling and finding a cure for breast cancer, I've been bumped to the chase boat. Boo and Hannah will be doing two major events this summer, the first the Hugh Heward '09 and the Missouri 340 '09. The dads will paddle along side making fools of ourselves and embarrassing the girls when ever possible. It's our duty!!

With our visit to Canoecopia this past weekend, and ole picture was displayed at the MadCity Paddlers booth. It was a picture of Boo and the Capt'n in our 24 year old Sawyer Summersong at the Callie Rohr Canoe Race. Held at the headwaters of the Wisconsin River, lots of tight corners and bumping going on. Nothing like grabbing the inside and forcing another participant into the shoreline scrub. A grand memory.

This was a jumping off point for Boo. She loved it! She had done the Paddle and Portage at 6 years of age, but this event is where she had identified that she had a passion for paddling. She was 8 years old.

So we are 4 years later. A couple big events loom on the horizon and more in the works. So...

Here it comes - "Boo, What are your thoughts about going back down and participating in the Everglades Challenge 2010 with dear ole dad?"

Now to see if she reads my blog - The Capt'n

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