Saturday, December 6, 2008

ABC's - 123"s

John and I do quite a bit of bantering back and forth when it comes to paddling and life in general. As you can see by John's tips on winter paddling, he takes a shot at my inability to stay dry, his subtle approach and gentle jab does go noticed.

If we were keeping score or if we really cared, I think we'd be even up. Me making fun of his "Klepper yacht" design; John and acknowledgement of my lack of athleticism. If you find yourself dreaming of adventure or want to talk story head down to the Paddlin Shop.

Winter paddling tips:

John's tip #1:
Don't under any circumstances fall in the water? But if you insist on doing your own version of the Polar Bear Plunge, have your waterproof ditch bag handy, (not drifting down the river on it's own) with a change of clothing, matches, fire-starter, space blanket, flashlight, spare batteries, and anything else you might deem essential to your survival.

John's tip #2
Don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to group dynamics.

John's tip #3
Adjust your layering system before not after your already very cold. A down coat is a wonderful item for those sedentary moments where you break for lunch or sit around
the campfire.

John's thought #4 (Just my opinion from my own experience)
Sorel Boots are much warmer than any paddling type neoprene boot for mid winter paddling. Wool gloves are warmer than neoprene gloves. If you use a kayak paddle wool gloves inside Pogies will keep your hands warm and dry in extreme conditions.

John's tip#5
Eat lots of good grub high in calories. Steak, sausage, cheese, chocolate, trail mix, pancakes, oatmeal. Vegetables turn to mush unless dehydrated. Glass jars will explode in the cold. I am aware that a little Jack Daniels and coffee is very bad for you in the cold. But hey, both taste pretty good under the winter sky.

John's tip #6
The right attitude, the right gear, and the right companions are all equally essential to enjoying the waterways during the winter.

My only tip: Don't Tip! - The Capt'n

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