Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a difference

What a difference a day makes. Boo M and I check out the Crawfish River on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The river is running crystal clear. If you know the Crawfish, this is a rarity. Normally field run off has this stretch of river a shallow murky hull scratching venture.

No boat on the Jeep, so we hiked around the Aztalan reading some of the historical markers of the lost civilization of the Mississippian era. Pretty interesting, worth a visit for a look see.

Boo and M went to their mom's for a visit. so Sunday found me on the water early. Here is a shot looking down river, calm when I put in, the wind picks up out of the Northeast and puts a chill in the air. What a difference lack of sun and less 10 degrees makes from yesterday's balmy 40+ sunny weather.

Looks like the snow is here to stay, with more on the way. The wind is supposed to build out of the North to around 25 mph by this afternoon. With temps. wavering around freezing, we are looking at a slushy inch or two of the white stuff coming later in the day.

Looking up river were getting some ice forming along the shore. Last couple of days have found us waking up to ice on the pond and as the day warms, back to open water in the afternoon. We're close to a complete freeze over for the season on Rock Lake, forcing us to the moving water of the local rivers. This section of the Crawfish is perfect for 4 season paddling.
Today's morning paddle was more of a float as I took a few holiday calls from family while drinking hot coffee from the Thermos.
Though it did give me a chance to try out a new pair of paddling bibs. The Bell Yellowstone is a kneeler. It was nice to have on a pair of bibs with double reinforced knees, adding to the comfort. The bibs are insulated which makes them extremely warm. Nice and toasty!
I go with bibs over pants for cold water paddling, so if your jacket rides up it doesn't leave your back exposed. These new bibs are much warmer then the West Marine storm bibs I have, which do not breathe and are cold to the touch. The insulation on the inside of the new bibs makes all the difference.
Let it snow - The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

Looks as ifthat river will be icing over soon. Get out the skates.