Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nature's chimes

Skim Ice on the Southern Shore

Goose pond possibly the last week before being iced out for the winter

Natures Chimes
Wednesday's paddle was exhilarating. Brisk wind out of the west found me hugging the South West shore of Rock Lake.
As I paddled the ice encrusted reed grass, I could hear nature's chimes. The ice against the shore sounded like the clinking of champagne glasses. In my nature intoxicated state, I paddled right to a duck blind and a lone hunter.
He was very pleasant and didn't see me till I was right on him. I was thinking champagne glasses, he was thinking deer or wayward dog crashing through the grasses. We were still in the cloak of the early morning darkness.
As I rounded the point there must have been at least a hundred wood ducks seeking the shelter of the windward shore. :-) The must have been very tired (or maybe ducks don't fly in the dark) none took to the air.
It reminded me of the old Warner Bros. cartoon where Elmer Fud is hunting and all the ducks are hiding on the other side of the knoll.
paddle paddle...chuckle - The Capt'n


canoelover said...

I was out this morning and there was definitely ice. I had to get out my ice hook to slide across a little bit of it.

On another topic, could I beg for a link to Rutabaga? :-)

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Are you begging on bended knee or seated in your canoe? I linked to your blog too. :-)