Friday, October 31, 2008

Legend of the Manitou

The "Manitou" are believed to be legendary water spirits that reside in the murky depths of the Great Lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks of the Mid-West.
According to the ancient tribal ones, sharing their stories and lore, the "Maintou" are considered to be spirit-like in nature. They have been known to lure the weary and unassuming into narrow long log like crafts known today as canoes and have them paddle great distances. The journey of discovery begins...
"ManitouCruiser" will be spending the weekend at Casa Weber's after visting the Badlands to the West. This excites the Capt'n as one never knows which way the river flows in the cloak of Halloween's darkness. Ooh, ahhhh....
What goes undiscovered, goes unknown - The Capt'n

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