Monday, September 29, 2008

Books and Backwaters

Gray skies and old boat houses, stirs the imagination and congers up the past.

To a kid, this door is the portal to great adventure. How many times has this door been raised to open the mind to great experiences like fishing boating canoeing? How many father's and grandfather's have taken their children / grandchildren from this very boathouse over the years... Why does it lay tattered and empty when it's true value is unmeasurable?

To a kid, these are the high seas. What adventure lies ahead. Pirates whales and possibly an education? We'll see if we allow ourselves to.

I'm pitching an adventure program to an alternative school for three boys I've observed this past month. The classroom ain't doing it for them. AARC lives...

He that knew all that learning ever writ, knew only this--that he knew nothing yet. -Aphra Behn

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Silbs said...

Nice images you have there.