Monday, August 18, 2008

Power-up Adventure group goes Tri

The Power Up Adventure group met at Lac La Belle for a Sprint Tri that Ben and I put together for the group. Ben loves triathlon and is engaged to my sister Jenny. When Jenny said she was interested in doing a triathlon, he rallied the adventure group. I ran the sag wagon and policed the swim.

The power up group is a bunch of ladies that work out together and gather regularly to socialize and work out. Next week they are off to Breckenridge to go Whitewater rafting. Ben is the token male, being politically correct and all.

The group getting ready to hit the water. Lac La Belle was the perfect choice for the event. The Marjorie Ward Park offers a great venue with a sandy shore and a great transition area.

It also offered me the opportunity to get out and.......paddle? Yikes.. my trusty steed was this aluminium beast from the '60's. Leaky noisy and uncomfortable... perfect.

A shot from the canoe. No rescues. Everyone did great. We set up a 400 yard swim around the raft and back to the park. Perfect distance for the beginners.

Jenny getting ready and setting up in the transition area. It's amazing to see the faces of all these ladies. Some had never even swam in a lake before. Others were seasoned triathletes.

Finish photos to follow......

My favorite part of the event, the picnic afterwards. I took first in the bagel cream cheese event and second over all in comedy relief. Ben beat me out with his cart-wheel at the finish.

It's all about the ladies - Ben S.

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