Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backyard Adventures!!

Despite the flooded conditions of our area and the cancellation of our week long paddling trips. Our Backyard Adventure Series continues on during the week. Vince up for a bit of kayaking! First time in a sea kayak... He did awesome!

The focus of our afternoon excursions is to allow a youth to develop an appreciation for the outdoors. Weekly youth come up with an adventure they would like to participate in. We develop an adventure log book to manage the ideas and a keepsake to reflect back on. A great resource when your teacher asks what you did on your summer break!

We do all sorts of outdoor activities right in our own backyard! The key is to share with a youth your own personal passions. The experience is so much better if everyone involved is enjoying what they are doing. Trying out a bit of tandem canoeing.

Vince is a 10 year old that signed on for adventure. He has the drive and the spirit to push the limits of his own comfort ability. A success in the making. Just finished a very windy paddle on Rock Lake.

We are out at Potholes and Prairie doing a very hot humid hike into a very mosquito infested swamp. But we hope to see lots of wildlife on our adventures

Candid shot of the adventurers! Had to make it quick, the bugs were out in full force! More bug spray!! If only we would have brought more!!

Water is so high that we came across this turtle crossing the trail. We looked for baby turtles making the crossing, but didn't see any. Just this very confident turtle that didn't budge as we passed.

Pretty much startled the daylights out of me when a snake crossed my path! Vince got a good laugh out of it. Then we came across this snake skinning moments later.

More adventure can be found at Peak Camp. The adventure is on! What are you doing with your summer vacation- The Capt'n

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