Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hugg'n the shoreline

An 1878 Photo of old grist mill at Lake Mills on South Main Street. Lake Mills was a place some called Keyesville and was part of Aztalan Township in early pioneer history.

Today Lake Mills is a showcase growing communty with parks on Rock Lake, a historic downtown and other assests. Lake Mills is a place where visitors always return.

Aztalan, a name derived from a ancient Aztec tradition, was a Native American village hosting a blending of Mississippian & local culture. It later became a bustling pioneer center, and is now a wonderful memory of the past.

Catching the sunrise at the entrance present day to the old gist mill. Now the area is part of the Lake Mills park system known as Bartel's Beach.

Poking around the lake, enjoying the early morning light and the very still water. Paddling the Bell Yellowstone.

Into the goose pond we go. Geese are setting up house and are nesting. Soon we will have little fuzzy goslings in tow. It is a magical moment in time.

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