Sunday, February 10, 2008

Opportunity for reflection

Ava - Morgan - Annie - Marissa - John - Emily
It is funny how the mind works when taken out of the comfort zone. When challenged with new and sometimes uncomfortable situation(s), I find comfort in times of reflection.
I came across this photograph of my daughters, nieces and nephew while going through some files on an old desktop. I find it quite amazing how a single snap shot in time can spark so much emotion.
I never gave this photo much thought, as I didn't label it, just filed it away. But today, as the weather dips below zero................again.... and the wind blows north northwest at about 40mph, I find this photo quite invigorating and motivational.
Now to embrace this new found motivation - head out to start cars (- 4F ) and shovel drifting snow. - The Capt'n


Silbs said...

Take care of photos such as that. They link your soul to the past.

Kristen said...

A very special moment, and memory, Brian.