Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice storm - arr surf the net

I never thought I would say I miss January paddling in Wisconsin. But we are in a major ice storm right now with an ice rink for a driveway and an ice chute for a stairway. There is so much ice built up on our porch with the dripping and the rain, that my door weather guard has been torn off and the door barely opens.
This is my ole Sawyer Summersong canoe in kevlar. Pea green, so she is named "Sweet Pea" I love this boat. I love all my boats, but this is the canoe that is on my car most of the summer for the morning "O" dark 30 paddles. It is 30+ something pounds, pretty quick too. I can be on the water in about 7 minutes door to water.
This is a great section of the Oconomowoc River. I've paddled this section of river for over 40 years. So many memories. My kids love it as it is right up from the Kiltie Custard Stand. I love it cause it is a magical piece of real estate tucked in between Oconomowoc and Fowler Lakes.
This is the only on water time I got in before the Everglades Challenge. Very jealous of those farther south getting in the on water training. The cable on the paddle simulator is frayed and the slides are worn. Hoping they will hold for another two weeks. let's do this thing!!
Lov'n the backyard adventures - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

On water training? I've been sick again, so missed another weekend. slowly killing me!

Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

More importantly, do you have a backup plan for getting to teh airport and then to Florida?